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September 19, 2012
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Herald of Twilight by BATTLEFAIRIES Herald of Twilight by BATTLEFAIRIES
Okay, so I made a little birthday-present for the abidingly amicable & amazing ~orogion... Took me a while, but here it is.
Many thanks to the wonderful boys and galls from who made me push my limits and pointed out the not unconsiderable amount of flaws my first drafts sported... Your frank opinions really took this thing to the next level!

Story: these are the original characters from our tabletop D&D game 'Herald of Twilight', with Khiara the fire genasi obviously stealing the show, flanked by Cha-Sui who is, going by the icebear cub, in druid mode, and Bran the cleric of Talos who doesn't know what to think of that Cara-woman they picked up halfway the trip, or that cleric of Lathander Toyan Swordhand (funnest counterpart ever).

Dungeons and Dragons and its campaign setting 'The Forgotten Realms' are the legal property of Wizards of the Coast.
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Refielle Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely amazing! I wish I could paint like this! I especially paid attention to the characters' armors, they look pefect! What's more the whole scene looks very natural, could be a professional poster for some game!
Aw that's very nice of you to say!
Well, using reference is the key here - with the outfits being the exception... Once you've seen enough it's just too much fun to start making your own...!
... I made a little birthday-present for... :wow:
That's not a little present, it's amazing!
Amazing work Fairies! :D I did need to dig through your gallery to find a big drawing in there. but you have so many treasure's in your gallery
The details are just 'WOW!' and amazing mood you set there
*bows in respect for a great artist*

and a really nice person but the artist part was more important here ^^
This size was the biggest I could manage on my computer (which is broken now, so hopefully that'll change) - I don't usually work that big, but this I wanted to be able to print on glossy paper to serve as a poster.
It was a tough job (I went through lots of iterations) but definitely worth it because I could add all the details I wanted.

Glad you like it so! And thank you for the kind words...!
It's at least HD size :D so for a wallpaper it's very suitable
I hope you can use it as a poster as well.
Is you PC now being fixed? or does it work but not as well as it should?
The result of your work is definately awesome though, so it was definately worth the trouble ^^

My pleasure!
Nah I'm looking for a new computer. Maybe a portable one so I can take it outside.

And yup, :iconorogion:, whose birthday present it was, used it as a wallpaper (and as a poster, because that was the idea). If you haven't already, check him out too! He's working as a professional in the Larian Studios games company, but his spare-time D&D stuff is gorgeous as well...!
Rita-Ria Sep 3, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
wonderful :D
Rita-Ria Sep 4, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
VinRoc Apr 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful piece! Great work :)
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