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For all things retro-Realmsy
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Song of the Fairies
If you would live on Fairy-land, human, know the code:
Seeing fairies in procession, kindly leave the road
Make way for the Folk as they go by in shiny light
come find ‘m in the Fairy Ring, all on a moonless night!
Invite us to all your weddings – we might come, or not
To ignore us is to spite us even if we’ve got
a pony as a groom’s gift, and earrings for the bride
come find ‘m in the Fairy Ring, all on a moonless night!
A knife should not be left in meat, salt not on the floor
Silver is an offence: don’t place it on the door
Leave no hatchet in the log, leave not your tools outside
come find ‘m in the Fairy Ring, all on a moonless night!
Following these Fairy rules, our peace can’t be disturbed
We reward humanity with luck and healing herbs
Bronze torcs for giving fairies a shelter from the cold
and sure death for those who come and dare to steal our gold.
We charm the snakes, we tell the wolves whom they cannot bite
No lightning strike
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 14 26
Pan Coasters by BATTLEFAIRIES Pan Coasters :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 8 14
Mutiny on the Way to Damocles
    “Mrs. Orientation Video kindly sends her regards, seeing as she couldn’t be here tonight – courtesy of you fine lot not respecting ‘lights out’ regulations and in so doing, losing your holovid privileges for the rest of the day.” Warden Gobelin seemed to grin behind his respirator mask when he swam further down to hook a foot behind the floor rail and steady himself. “Which is a shame, because we arrive at Damocles station in three hours.”
O’Byrne resented the Warden for exactly this type of thing – rather than doing his job keeping the peace, he let things get out of hand and then dared to gloat from behind his pane of impact glass. His penalties for disobedience were nothing more than petty pestering. But O’Byrne be damned if he and the other inmates weren’t fed up with withheld desserts, stupid lights-out rules and now removing any chance of watching a movie for the last time before checking into t
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 7 32
Dreams of Ice by BATTLEFAIRIES Dreams of Ice :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 54 32
Mature content
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko's Revenge :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 17 22
Take your hands off of the torch, sir – slowly
And the keyboard; delete that tweet
Now trending: being sick of complaints
(the problem was Too Long; Didn't Read)
There is no elephant in the chatroom
and they are no pachyderm.
Clean the VR off your goggles
– we might not survive a second term.
Misantropy as an exception,
there's nothing inborn you must hide.
This wasn't about you last time I looked;
you want a parade? Have some pride.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 15 14
In A Land Far, Far A-whey
Marigold was being wedded off to this bloke who grew funny-shaped turnips for a living, so naturally the presents had to have that certain je-ne-sais-quoi which a household with this kind of creativity would appreciate.
Ma and Da brought the goat that yee-hawed, festooned with ribbons and artichoke flowers; Peet had dyed a turtle-dove and Tollie, Jen and Mabe all gave knitted kitchenware and farming tool cosies. There was a parsnip rack from Uncle Liam, while Aunt Meary and her husband had just brought themselves which oh, they shouldn't have. Lastly Nan, ever the frugal one, had remembered the bucketful of milk misplaced and retrieved from behind the stack of wood last spring, completely transmogified and strangely aromatic after pondering for so long on what to do with it. After all, one does not simply throw out a whole bucketful of milk, no matter the state - liquid, solid - it happens to be in.
And so they ate it at the feast, and it was delicious.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 7 17
Trojan refrain: a 3-way collaboration
Hey, wassup my Agamemnon
how does the looting go?
Have the lobbyists settled on
a puppet for the show
when you're the Hellespont police?
How about Helen of Greece?
Fair like Justice
fair like Justice
and δημοκρατία and Peace?
Hey, wassup my Agamemnon?
Does the dear daughter know
Your aircraft-carriers won’t run
Without some bloodflow?
"Can bank accounts become obese
Feeding like grubs off her decease?"!
Can bank accounts
Can bank accounts
Make oil-gorged Θέμις grin at vice?
hey, wassup my Agamemnon?
was your death a surprise?
did you sense that dark pall anon?
did you fail to surmise
it was all greek, your cuckold's fate,
that left you on Charon to wait?
it was all greek,
it was all greek,
when you and Ὀδυσσεύς did prate.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 12 8
Thunderlance by BATTLEFAIRIES Thunderlance :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 132 32 Card art: Thunderlance by BATTLEFAIRIES Card art: Thunderlance :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 7 9
Poetry And Me
You may say I'm cheap
and not too deep
but that's just you and this is me:
I'm low-hanging fruit on the poet-tree
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 25 25
Mature content
Anonymous :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 11 20
This arc spans a void:
Antoon joins his audience
and will play no more
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 11 18
Eintou (Pearl of Wisdom)
does not iron
sweep the sidewalk, mop floors.
But Mother fashions names for birds
paper into snowflakes
she reads to us
and sings
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 18 19
The Fire Spirit
Coal, the Torchboy tried to make himself slender as a reed, his free arm around him as close as he could, one foot nearly on top of the other. He didn't fear getting cuffed by the Shaman for being in his way as much as he might regret fouling his ritual, on this day more than any other. The Shaman, brother of his mother and Coal's teacher had first beseeched bison spirit after bison spirit, but they had eloped him in the wavering torchlight, one after another. Deeper inside the cave, Mated Pair had remained stoic to the Shaman's frantic pleas, and First Horse had tried to bite. Having shut his eyes at the sight of his elder bounding off the walls, skittering across the floor like a beetle and clawing at the sacred paintings, Coal startled at the shouted command given to him. He tried not to look at his uncle when he squeezed past him to light the way – deeper still they went, all the way to where the air turned stale and hard to breathe, near the sacrosanct place of Mother.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 15 17
Audacity by BATTLEFAIRIES Audacity :iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 74 39

Random Favourites

kid leather armor viking by Lagueuse kid leather armor viking :iconlagueuse:Lagueuse 1,124 86 nakama-tachi by Sceith-A nakama-tachi :iconsceith-a:Sceith-A 991 37 Time to establish order by Memed Time to establish order :iconmemed:Memed 424 17
                  Smooth MAGLEV,
             Floating quick do you rev,
       Soft hushing track, coasting on vapor.
  How do your workings so seem absent of labor?
  How do you break seeming the strict laws of nature?
       Slowing fluid effort your stopping,
             Just like poem ending,
MaggotsX @ 10.09.2016
:iconmaggotsx:MaggotsX 1 1
The Goddess in the Hall by rdhobbet
Mature content
The Goddess in the Hall :iconrdhobbet:rdhobbet 560 49
Portraits for Rival Knights by luulala Portraits for Rival Knights :iconluulala:luulala 430 19
Are We There Yet? - Pacing and Character Arc

By :iconC-A-harland:
The pace of your novel will have a huge impact on how your readers interpret events that are happening, and it will also determine how engaged they are throughout the story’s progression. If your pace is too slow, readers may feel that the story is dragging on, and they could become bored. If the pace is too fast, readers become disoriented and mentally exhausted as they try to keep up.
What Is Pacing?
The pace of your story is the rhythm of events, the speed at which the action and plot of your story unfold.
It’s important to understand that there is no set standard for pacing. The length, style, tone, and genre of your story will all help determine what pace is right for you.
Controlling the Pace of Your Outline - The Road Trip Edition
The pace of your outline is the overall speed that your novel progresses at. An easy way t
:iconc-a-harland:C-A-Harland 139 21
Ask to the Djinn by Grim-Red Ask to the Djinn :icongrim-red:Grim-Red 28 22
How to: Make thumbs big in features?
I get this asked a lot!
Back when they introduced, I didn't really use it. Because it seemed hard to get used to. I always wrote my articles in the old way.
Then I toyed with it a little and noticed that is is something really awesome! 
Not to mention that the only way to make articles and journals is through Writer.
So I assume not so many if you know that there is a way to make thumbs big!
That is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is add big in front of a thumb code!
For example:
: thumb159252268 :
This is the "regular" size

: bigthumb159252268 :
This is the big size
Of course: without the spaces between the colon ( : )

But this is not what I wanted to show :shifty:
Fancy Features with Writer
Go to your!
After that, hit the
:icondekoradum:dekorAdum 574 215
DarkHound Playmat 2 by JohnSilva DarkHound Playmat 2 :iconjohnsilva:JohnSilva 583 17
A Publishing Primer
You asked for it, so you got it!
Based on this poll, you, our community, want to know more about Publishing. We will be posting publishing opportunities around about every month, now, specifically for literary magazines. But what does that mean for a novice who has never submitted before?
Let me break it down for you.
There are tons of lit mags out there, journals, reviews, and small presses. Some are more reputable than others. So the first step is
Find Your Market

The market is the audience you are targeting, so you should have an idea of your genre (sci fi is great but what type? Hard, soft, etc?) and the demographic of your audience (young? old? between? all of the above?) But even if you get it narrowed down there can be a veritable mountain of places to submit to which can get confusing. There are a few great sites that compile markets and magazines into an easy to searc
:icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 46 9
Prime Time Television in Purgatory
"What now?" "On every channel Claudius
Is bemoaning your 'most untimely' death
Wringing his hands, pulling m'lady close
And making quite the study of her mouth.
I wonder wha--" "Yorrick, enough already!
You have the clicker; use it, quickly! 'Sblood!
That laughter better turn somewhat less hearty,
Or I'll make my displeasure understood."
"But sire..." "No buts. You heard me: change the station!"
"Lord (here, a gasp for air) just a minute."
"Minute my hind foot. Except...Land of Goshen!
I'd clean forgot to ask you: How is Hamlet?"
"He'll speak soon...Yes, that’s it, boy! Up and at 'em!"
Then, from the screen, in somber tones "Seems, madam?"
:iconwinterofthesoul:WinteroftheSoul 2 1
Inspiration by Quindayo Inspiration :iconquindayo:Quindayo 201 43
I: Two Demons
"Death's dead! Long live Death!" "How is this?
That Death has died and lives again?"
"Death's weaker child took his place
But reigns by sufferance of the Son.
That Son, whose uncreated light
Burnt in and through His Father's art,
Volcanoed forth the falcon's eye
And sung blue whales into their sea--
This same being, wrecked our long work,
Uncountable despairs blighted
In the bud, by some supposed good
Done two days back – A Godman freak
Acts as he pleases, always – Well,
He's a fool. Correct, Samael?"
II: Archangel Michael
"Precisely wrong, for Death is changed:
The serpent that held Earth in thrall
Has birthed a shadow of itself,
Which quails before the Lord of All.
Christ came not as a fiery form
Answering shame with equal shame.
Rather what was the cross but pain
Known; 'If you have more, pour it on!'
Now, through the Logos that he was,
Is now, and will forever be
Every creature after its kind,
Man or bright ibis, may unwind
Its original melod
:iconwinterofthesoul:WinteroftheSoul 2 1
SB1 - Sea folk sketches by ChristopherOnciu SB1 - Sea folk sketches :iconchristopheronciu:ChristopherOnciu 263 9
Trump, Trumpet, Trumped
Sing a song of the trump card which wins every hand
Guffaw, like a shofar near Jericho's walls,
Hoard each ounce of love your buffoonery's gained.
Dislodge John's oak saloon-door with hoots and catcalls,
Mister Rides-His-Welcome-Direct-Out-of-Town;
Guffaw, like a shofar near Jericho's walls.
(Some men remain six at a hundred and nine...)
To westward, the sun's turning in for the night,
Mister Rides-His-Welcome-Direct-Out-of-Town
As our knotted stallions quietly part
Light winks on orange outrage (alias: loud hair)
To westward, the sun's turning in for the night.
Small towns don't forget; John tore down that poster
Still, memories do what they know best: recall—
Light winks on orange outrage (alias: loud hair).
Dear virgin to truth, though your heart, mind, and soul
Sing a song of the trump card which wins every hand,
Still, memories do what they know best: recall.
Hoard each ounce of love your buffoonery's gained.
:iconwinterofthesoul:WinteroftheSoul 4 1

Background shenanigans

Friend Feature!

Brilliant work by my artsy amigo :iconorogion::

Khiara by orogion Dragon Commander: Mirror on the Wall by orogion

Mature Content

Shar - The Lady of Loss by orogion
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016!! by orogion

Kagyu Ling Monastery by orogion

... Continue the awe here:


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PS - You are absolutely right about the croaking!  Well said! (not that that is any surprise coming from you) XP kero kero
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